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Numerology and Switchwords are combined in this article, with a brief summary regarding each digit and a Switchword to enhance and balance  its attributes.

Number: 0

Planet Resonance: Pluto

Number attributes: Everything and absoluteness, all and nothing. Symbol of eternity. Potential and/or Choice. Infinity. Wholeness, oneness and continuing cycles. Alpha and Omega. When combined with another number, the potential of that number is magnified, giving the flow of God Power to the structure of that number. Magnifies, enhances and increases the potential and dimension of other numbers. Brings confidence and protection.

Switchword for balancing: UNCLE
Switchword definition: Dispel untogetherness; ward off apartness

Number: 1

Planet Resonance: Sun

Number attributes: Successful, driven, leader, responsible, focused, clear self-identity.  The beginning of all manifestation. New ideas, new projects and desire for expansion. Courage, originality and decisiveness. Strong conviction.

Switchword for balancing: LISTEN
Switchword definition: Predict the future; in touch with nature and self

Number: 2

Planet Resonance: Moon

Number attributes: Polarity/duality. Ability to feel and use emotions, balanced judgment through intuitive awareness. Friend. Enduring peacemaker. Gentle, kind, loving. Unselfish. A good mediator. The silent-knower, calm, just, intuitively aware, social, peace-maker. Nurture and support, bringing peace, harmony, tolerance and balance.

Switchword for balancing: BAMBOO
Switchword definition: Diversify yourself; grow rapidly

Number: 3

Planet Resonance: Jupiter

Number attributes: Triads. Love through creative imagination. Growth. Optimistic and fun-loving. Uplifting. Colorful. Humor and charisma. Enthusiasm. Energy of the Creative Principle. Creative abilities. Charming, entertaining and very social. Inspires and beautifies the world. Represents increase, expansion, growth and abundance on the physical, emotional, mental, financial and spiritual levels.

Switchword for balancing: OAK
Switchword definition: Strengthen ties to Earth and nature; be grounded; hold strong

Number: 4

Planet Resonance: Uranus

Number attributes: The world. Completion. Realization of power. Practical thinking. Instinctual knowledge. Focused will. Putting ideas to form. Productivity. Order and management. Achieve goals with patience, perseverance and directness. Strong, capable mind and body. Loyalty.

Switchword for balancing: THOMAS EDISON
Switchword definition: Be inventive; create new ideas

Number: 5

Planet Resonance: Mercury

Number attributes: Affinity for nature and art. Multi-talented and with many interests. Attractive, independent, free-thinking, fast moving. Able to learn and teach from direct experience. Freedom-loving. Courageous. Idealistic. Motivational. Adventurous. Passionate. Quick learner. Sensual. Unpredictable. Investigative and imaginative. Flexibility. Unconventional. Can be very persuasive.

Switchword for balancing: PURR
Switchword definition: Feel/inspire relaxed contentment

Number: 6

Planet Resonance: Venus

Number attributes: Reconciliation. Intellectual creativity. Imagination. Perfection. Ability to use imagination and intellect combined. Taking responsibility for choices. Idealistic. Careful. Unselfish. Free of compulsive attachments. Responsibility and service, achieved through love, nurturing and protection. Brings caring, harmony, peace, justice and truth to all experiences in life. Loving magnetic energy. Deep love of home and family. Reliable. Joy in serving others.

Defusing Word for balancing: Encore
Defusing Word definition: Encore is for defusing anxiety, pressure and stress. An Encore allows you sit back and relax a little longer. An Encore extends the time away from the hustle, bustle and pressures of everyday life. An Encore gives you more time to just be in the now.

Number: 7

Planet Resonance: Neptune

Number attributes: Analyst. Thinker. Studious. Seeks knowledge. Genius. Spiritual. Psychic. Natural healer. Wise. Non-conformist. Creative with the written word. Love of knowledge. Mastery. Core of inner strength. Manifestation in time and space. Stability and endurance. Good fortune.

Switchword for balancing: MOVE
Switchword definition: Increase energy; eliminate tiredness; increase pep; clear inertia

Number: 8

Planet Resonance: Saturn

Number attributes: Resolves dualities. Eternal dimensions. Balance between forces. Breaks down barriers to transformation. Powerful drive to succeed. Decision-making. Intensely active. Seizes opportunities. Success. Achievement. Natural leader. Financial security. Ability to see things in the larger picture and a higher perspective. Bringing an infinite into the finite, in a harmonious balance.

Switchword for balancing: RELEASE
Switchword definition: Stop trying to control

Number: 9

Planet Resonance: Mars

Number attributes: Leadership. Ability to see clearly. Personal integrity. Dissolves ego attachments. Romantic. Good advisor. Wisdom and responsibility. Selflessness and compassion. Protective energy. Universal Love and compassion. Strength of character. Love of home, family and friends. Visionary. Natural leader. Healer and educator, acting always for the benefit of others.

Switchword for balancing: PEARL
Switchword definition: Produce rare value

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