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Energy Cleansing Bracelets are available at

Violet is the highest color in the visible spectrum. In Chinese painting, violet is considered to be the harmony of the universe because it is a blend of yin (blue) and yang (red).

The violet gem amethyst was used by:
Ancient Egyptians who believed it helped offer protection from negative energies.
Ancient Greeks who believed it helped to prevent intoxication.
Medieval European soldiers who believed it protected them in battle.

Violet is a cleansing color, stimulates inspiration, clairvoyance and is thought to permeate every system in the body and purify and energize every molecule in its wake. Energy workers around the world have found that wearing violet around both wrists eliminates nausea, fatigue and sympathy pains often triggered while working with patients.

Violet bracelets are a necessity for all energy workers - whether you use Total Body Modification, Natural Healing, Applied Kinesiology, Reiki, NET, NAET, or any other techniques using reflex muscle testing. Violet effectively separates your energy from your patient's energy, so your energy and your mind do not interfere with your work. Many patients have also have found that wearing violet wristbands results in calmness, peace of mind and overall improved symptoms.

To be effective, both wrists must be completely encircled in violet with no breaks in the color. Violet beads will allow energy to leak around them if not strung on a violet elastic/string. These handmade bracelets use violet stretch cord for stringing the beads.

Clearing Energy Cleansing Bracelets:
To help clear energy absorbed by the bracelets, once a week either place them in a window sill where they can get direct sunlight (even on a cloudy day there is enough sun to clear them) for 30 minutes, or place them in a paper bag or a box (closed container) with a magnet for 10 minutes.

Energy Bracelets Testimonials

Energy Bracelets available at:


I'd like to thank Kat with all my heart, she prescribed violet bracelets and nowadays I don't feel ill in my clinic.



I bought Kat's violet energy bracelets and wear them all of the time- they really work! They block other's negative energies. Kat said to clear them in the sunlight after a week because by that time they'd picked up so much negative energy from others (they're really good for healers- which is what I am, amongst other things).

In four days, I had to take them off because they had grown incredibly heavy and itchy. I put them in the window to clear, and now they feel very light and comfortable. Talk about absorption! And since I'm a HSP- I really need this.

Thanks, again!

Take care,


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